Turn up the volume on life at BigShots Golf. We’re all about bringing people together and providing a place where you can play as big as you live – catch up with friends and family, feel the high of hitting that perfect shot and share laughs as you make new memories. Think date night, craft food, fun family outings, mouthwatering Sunday brunch, happy hour with all your favorites, private celebrations, casual weekends on the patio and so much more. We’re entertaining, not serious. Inimitable, not trendy. Unexpected, and never average. And we can’t wait to welcome you.


Our Team



In 2018, BigShots entered a joint venture with ClubCorp, which offers BigShots Golf a world-class infrastructure and experts in key disciplines:

  • Sales & Marketing – In-house marketing support and turn-key sales management
  • Food & Beverage – Use of technology to drive guest experience and financial management
  • Relevant guest/venue programming – Broad playbook of creative event themes and best practices
  • Innovation - Continuous development of products and experiences
  • Purchasing power with 200+ clubs