BigShots Golf - Shot Takers, Game Changers

Here, Everyone Is A BigShot

Come out swinging at BigShots Golf, a tech-driven entertainment and culinary experience that is leveling up the dining and golf entertainment industry.

Our far-reaching games and virtual courses are introducing 3D augmented reality to the game of golf like never before – perfect for those new to the game as well as seasoned pros. We have cutting-edge ball tracking technology and exclusive Live Play capabilities to compete with players at other locations, so you can play with your family and friends in other cities. Here, we're all about bringing people together – whether to enjoy a shareable feast with locally-sourced menu options or just to kick back and hang out.

Come take your BigShot!


BigShots Golf Lounge

Coming Soon!

Take the fun indoors at BigShots Golf Lounge! An experiential concept that's reinventing the way you play and have fun – it's the perfect place to come together with friends and family. For good times and unforgettable nights, it’s got to be BigShots Golf Lounge.

Because there's a right way to have fun.